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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Bell Project
Composer Brenda Hutchinson Drives a Big Cast-Iron Bell Across America,
Ringing It All the Way to the Exploratorium
Departs New York City on September 1 and Arrives in San Francisco for Public Play on October 6 at 11am

Beginning September 1, New York/San Francisco artist-composer Brenda Hutchinson will haul a large, resonant, cast-iron bell on a trailer attached to the back of her car from coast to coast. The Bell Project, a cross-country performance journey, is a month-long series of bell ringing events in towns and cities across the United States, culminating with bell ringing and lecture-demonstrations at the Exploratorium in San Francisco. The project is in anticipation of the opening of a major new exhibit collection, Listen, on October 21. Starting on the east coast, Hutchinson will travel some 5000 miles following a predominantly Southern route ending at San Francisco's Exploratorium on October 6.

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