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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The New Outdoor Exploratorium at Fort Mason
20 Outdoor Interactive Artful Science Exhibits and Artworks,
2 Years in the Making
Opens March 13, 2009 -- On Ongoing View

Did you know that you can use the Golden Gate Bridge as a thermometer? Or that flags
flying at different heights along the San Francisco skyline might double as a wind
observatory? A new Outdoor Exploratorium features a collection of 20 brand-new
outdoor interactive artful science exhibits and artworks. Visitors can find the Outdoor
Exploratorium at Fort Mason between San Francisco's Aquatic Park and the Marina
District, beginning in mid-March 2009. Dotted along the waterfront at Fort Mason
Center and in the adjoining 55-acre National Park of Upper Ft. Mason, these exhibits
harness the wind, the waves, marine life, and the man-made and natural environments in
this urban waterfront site. The Outdoor Exploratorium is for noticing and learning, a
place to deepen understanding of the natural world, and an opportunity to apply the
scientific principles of observation and experimentation to the outdoors -- all for free.

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