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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Featuring DBR (violin), Wynne Bennett (keyboards), and Elan Vytal, aka DJ Scientific (turntables, laptop)
Thursday, April 2, at the Exploratorium

Don’t miss elected solo and duet works from DBR’s recent album from Thirsty Ear Recording,
etudes4violin&electronix, and from the critically acclaimed Sonata for Violin and Turntables, conceived by DBR and co-written by DBR and his long-time collaborator and contemporary music remixer extraordinaire, Elan Vyta. A musical exploration between contrasting cultures and instruments of classical and pop music genres, the program speaks to the history and traditions of both, and the violin,the keyboards, the turntables and the laptop sing, battle and rhyme together, honoring a full spectrum of musical inventions.

Having carved a reputation for himself as an innovative composer, performer, violinist, and band leader, Haitian-American artist Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR) melds his classical music roots with his own cultural references and vibrant musical imagination. As a composer, his works range from orchestral scores and chamber pieces to music for film, the theater, modern dance, and electronica. In 2007, DBR premiered One Loss Plus, the first of three works commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) for their Next Wave Festival. Showcasing his wide-ranging eclecticism, One Loss Plus is DBR's evening-length, multimedia work for electric/acoustic violin, prepared/amplified piano, electronics, and video.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Exploratorium After Dark
Thursday Evenings Mix Cocktails, Conversation, and Adult-Oriented Programming on Science and the Arts
Thursdays, April 2, 9, 16, & 23 2009, Open until 9:30pm
A Preview of New Thursday Evening Hours to Begin Permanently in October 2009

This April, find out what’s happening After Dark at the Exploratorium. New extended Thursday evening hours mix cocktails, conversation, and adult-oriented programming on science and the arts. Along with adult amenities such as music and a cash bar, each night will showcase a different theme: live performance, films, unexpected extravaganzas, and new media and one night of Science After Dark -- the science behind topics of adult interest, such as gambling, alcohol, fashion, sex, extreme sports, and gaming. Programs will be playful, unusual, content-rich, and often involve cutting-edge technology. Not a theater, not a cabaret, not a gallery—but involving aspects of all three—After Dark has a mood unlike anywhere else in the city. Where else can you find an intellectually stimulating playground for adults—with free parking? This event is included in the price of admission. To be included in the Exploratorium After Dark email list, contact: An example of April’s evening
offerings is the Science After Dark night on April 16 with the theme Sideshow Science, a
playful reframing of wondrous phenomena found inside the museum. For one night only, the Exploratorium transforms into a carnival of amazing animal acts, astounding forces of nature, mysterious mind reading, and thrilling games of skill and chance! Within these walls lurk some of the most astonishing phenomena found in Nature—the biggest freak show of all.

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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The New Outdoor Exploratorium at Fort Mason
20 Outdoor Interactive Artful Science Exhibits and Artworks,
2 Years in the Making
Opens March 13, 2009 -- On Ongoing View

Did you know that you can use the Golden Gate Bridge as a thermometer? Or that flags
flying at different heights along the San Francisco skyline might double as a wind
observatory? A new Outdoor Exploratorium features a collection of 20 brand-new
outdoor interactive artful science exhibits and artworks. Visitors can find the Outdoor
Exploratorium at Fort Mason between San Francisco's Aquatic Park and the Marina
District, beginning in mid-March 2009. Dotted along the waterfront at Fort Mason
Center and in the adjoining 55-acre National Park of Upper Ft. Mason, these exhibits
harness the wind, the waves, marine life, and the man-made and natural environments in
this urban waterfront site. The Outdoor Exploratorium is for noticing and learning, a
place to deepen understanding of the natural world, and an opportunity to apply the
scientific principles of observation and experimentation to the outdoors -- all for free.

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Outdoor Exploratorium Exhibits Selected Overview
An overview of the new exhibits
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Outdoor Exploratorium Partnership
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