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Thursday, April 02, 2009

This April, find out what’s happening After Dark at the Exploratorium. New extended Thursday
evening hours mix cocktails, conversation, and adult-oriented programming on science and the arts. Along with adult amenities such as music and a cash bar, each night will showcase a different theme. An example of April’s evening offerings is the Science After Dark night on April 16 with the theme Sideshow Science, a playful reframing of wondrous phenomena found inside the museum. For one night only, the Exploratorium transforms itself into a carnival of amazing animal acts, astounding forces of nature, mysterious mind reading, and thrilling games of skill and chance! Within these walls lurk some of the most astonishing phenomena found in Nature — the biggest freak show of all. Witness the whimsical and weird! Behold unbelievable technologies and test science that defies common sense! Do cosmic rays from the edge of time really pass through the Cloud Chamber? Do animals have more complicated cognitive skills than we ever imagined? Discover some of Nature’s strangest curiosities at Sideshow Science. This event is included in the price of admission. To be included in the Exploratorium After Dark email list, contact: Meet up with friends or take a date to Exploratorium
After Dark.

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